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Welcome to Le Vent du Riatt

A night walk in a natural environment, where musicians, storytellers and acrobats melt into the poetic background that mingles counterbalanced machinery, plastic installations and pyrotechnics. The Company Le Vent du Riatt creates a hybrid and sensitive world, where the four elements, flora and fauna find their balance and achieve harmony…

The compagny Le Vent du Riatt presents Elementary-R

R-Elementaire is an artistic concept that can be adapted to all kinds of gardens and forests.
- Suitable for all ages
- Duration : 2h
- Way : 0,7 mile, maximum

The installations are made in harmony with the natural environment.

The Company also offers different smaller presentations and activities that present the characters from its world…
- Contact us for more information !
- Specification cheet & brochure available in english

Contact : Cie Le Vent du Riatt
- 48 rue de l’Amitié, 59211 Santes (close to Lille), France
- (00 33 +) 954 464 575.

Elementary-R, statement of intent

The Company Le Vent du Riatt proposes an original artistic approach mixing street and plastic arts to natural spaces. Through imaginary we seek to sensitize the public to our environment and its fragility....

Building something ephemeral.
Inviting the audience to stroll in an unreal world,
Travelling through the simple poetry of what is shown
Listening, tasting and smelling. It is possible to create
Dreamlike journeys, turning the audience into travellers.
Producing natural atmospheres,
Building paradoxes, bringing the irrational.

A trunk woos a ravishing magnolia.
Another wakes up after a nap.
Every place is crackling and squeaking.
We reach a panoramic viewpoint revealing a view of a large meadow
Where unusual animals and fire butterflies swarm.
Flowers blossom, grow and fade…

During Elementary-R journey, we propose
A stroll where the walkers use their five senses.
They have to seek what they cannot see,
To keep silent in order to hear better,
To taste so as to blend, to touch so as to meet.

Chinese lanterns illuminate the journey
A few spotlights enlarge the deepness of the space strolled through.
Guides on stilts lead the strollers.
Tasting stations warm hearts
And the story takes its course...

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